Hanul cu Tei (The Linden Tree Inn)

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The Linden Tree Inn is one of the few historical inns from Bucharest’s center that are still in their initial condition. Due to its unique architecture and vintage atmosphere that revive the charm of old Bucharest, a visit within its walls equals a wonderful walk back in time, to be more specific, in the ‘30s when culture, music and good food blended in the most refined possible way. This is one of the most intriguing and interesting tourist attractions in the Capital. Its historical and architectural value is outmatched only by its fame and beauty.

The building was constructed in 1833 by Anastasie Hagi, Gheorghe Polizu and Stefan Popovici on Lipscani street. When it was first opened, it was known as the Inn from the great street of the Marchitans. It is the only historical Inn from Bucharest that has conserved its initial architecture intact. At the entrance from Blanari Street you can still see the mark of its first owners: “A.P.” and “S.P.”.

Each owner had 14 shops, located in the upper side of the vaulted cellars. Only the sidewalk and the guard’s room were considered common space. Some of the most famous merchants of that time lived in this inn, among who we mention Constantin Anastasiu, the founder of the shop “The Sea Eagle with the Fish in its Claws”, a building that still stands, but which has been turned into a bank, near the “Cocor” shopping center.

Today, the former inn is a place where there are hosted various art galleries, and in the cellars a bar was opened. Its iron gates with rich retro ornaments offer access both from the Lipscani street and from Blanari street. Also, the glass façade of the inn is created in the typical style of the old Romanian Land.

Among the Gabroveni Inn, Manuc Inn, the Old Coffee Shop and the Princely Palace, the “Linden Tree Inn” is one of the most significant buildings for the old Romanian architecture and also one of the few places that preserves a special ambiance, defining for the ‘30s. Nowadays, the “Linden Tree Inn” hosts one of the biggest art galleries in Romania. Here you can find vintage art like furniture, paneling, tapestries and rugs, paintings, photos, albums, old documents, watches, cameras and gramophones, coins, medals and icons. The art gallery includes several salons: Louis XV salon, Louise-Philippe salon, Rococo salon and Louis XVI salon. The inn’s Spanish style interior courtyard has a rectangular shape and it can be accessed from two separate vaulted entrances that are locked during the night by two heavy iron gates.

Due to its important cultural significance, the “Linden Three Inn” is considered an architectural ensemble and it is included in the list of Bucharest’s Historical Monuments 2010. Also, the “Linden Tree Inn” has its own street with identical name which is located in the Capital’s historical center, in Sector 3. The street “Linden Tree Inn” measures a length of 75 meters and can be found between the well-known streets Lipscani and Blanari.

For a trip back in time don’t hesitate to visit the “Linden Tree Inn” a place with a rich historical importance that repays its visitors with a fine selection of vintage art. Its beauty, charm and cultural value are the things that turn it into a must see tourist attractions.

Manuc’s Inn

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Manuc’s Inn is one of those fascinating places where you can have fun and immerse yourself in a lovely historical atmosphere. Here you can enjoy a glass of good wine or eat some of the most delicious traditional Romanian dishes.

Located in a great area in Bucharest right next to Unirii Square, Manuc’s Inn features 3 levels and allows those coming here to discover its history through the vintage items that create its unique decor.

The establishment is comprised of many restaurants and other bars such as Manuc Levantim, a Lebanese restaurant, Manuc Bistro, a traditional Romanian bistro along with the spacious Manuc Restaurant, the terrace, its gardens, the “Voievodal” saloon, and the wine cellar.

If you want something tasty, don’t hesitate to try the smoked ribs and vegetable soup or the delicious Dracula chicken. These are just a few of the numerous and tasty treats you can find here. The desserts are also quite wonderful and include, among others: an orange chocolate cake, ice cream profiteroles, summer berry cake and, its signature dessert, the carrot, ginger, walnuts cake. The menu is usually an eclectic mix between Romanian traditional cuisine and bistro style food. All these can be enjoyed with a selection of fine drinks such as Romanian wines and ales, as well as cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

The restaurant has a turbulent and interesting history behind it and it’s one of the oldest establishments of its kind in Bucharest. Its name comes from its previous owner, Manuc Bei, the man who made this establishment so popular. After his death, the Inn is greatly damaged during an earthquake and it takes several years before it is renovated. In 1861 it’s bought by Lambru Vasilescu who renovates and changes its name into Grand Hotel de la Dacie. All the important events of Bucharest were held here including balls and all kinds of parties. There was even a famous orchestra playing led by Austrian composer and violinist Ludovic Wiest.

The building has seen many historical moments including the singing of the Treaty of Bucharest in 1812, which actually took place inside the Inn.

The last renovation took place in 2009 and brought back its interesting historical appeal. People come here to have a glimpse of how life was in the 19th century. Whether you choose the high end restaurant or the small bistro, you will certainly have a wonderful time and enjoy the interesting atmosphere.

Piata Unirii

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Piata Unirii is located in the center of Bucharest and it’s one of the largest squares in the city. The square was built during the Communist era and is one of the main transport hubs in the capital. In the center of the square you can take a walk and enjoy the beautiful park with fountains where sometimes cultural events are held. Before the Communist era the square’s purpose was as a market and it featured various storage space as well as stalls where people were selling different items, from vegetables to cattle or antiques. Although it hasn’t played a significant part of the city’s history, nowadays, it is one of the most circulated areas and one of the most visited places in Bucharest, mainly due to its proximity to the Old Centre. Piata Unirii is not necessarily an attraction itself but more like a location where people work or meet. The most important aspect of the market is the huge diversity of shops and entertainment opportunities as it is a major commercial point, packed with bars and restaurants, as well as various entertainment venues.

Unirii Fonteins

Important Tourist Landmarks

One of the most important landmarks located near Piata Unirii is the Parliament Palace. The Palace is among the largest buildings in the world, covering 330,000 square meters.  You can get a tour of the Palace if you want to see Bucharest from its huge balcony.

Piata Unirii Parliament

The Old Center called Lipscani is part of Romanian’s historical areas that was not demolished by Nicolae Ceausescu containing mid-19th century buildings, ruins of medieval courts, churches, hotels, clubs, restaurants and a lot of shops. The streets have been paved in cobblestone and this is the biggest meeting place in Bucharest. If you are in the old center make sure that you visit Manuc’s Inn, a building that dates back to 1808 and was built using Balkan Ottoman influence. The Linden Inn (Hanul cu Tei) is another important place you want to visit when you are near Piata Unirii. It has beautiful shops and a few art galleries that will surely interest you.

Unirii Shopping Center

If you want to spend some time in a park and have a nice stroll, Carol Park and Tineretului Park are pretty close to Piata Unirii, just a subway station away.  For those who want to do some shopping while in Bucharest, Unirea Shopping Centre is located right in Piata Unirii.


Piata Unirii is the best place to get hungry as it has a plethora of restaurants that offer amazing Romanian food as well as international cuisine.

The ARTIST is one of the best restaurants in Bucharest and probably in Romania. It features contemporary cuisine and a fantastic dining experience for those who want to try new experiences. Here you can come to have a great adventure in terms of food, so make sure that you know what to expect because it is not just another restaurant.

Beros & van Schaik Wine Traders is a heaven for those who want to spend a relaxed evening with their friends and also appreciate a good wine. If you are in the old town, you have to try it out.


Caru’ cu Bere is the restaurant where you want to eat if you want to experience what Romania is truly like. A huge place with a lot of customers, the restaurant offers amazing dishes that are sure to make you come back for more. This beautiful restaurant is also an important historical landmark and it’s located very close to Piata Unirii. You will definitely appreciate the old building and most certainly fall in love with the various Romanian dishes it offers.

Piata Victoriei

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Piata Victoriei is a well circulated area in Bucharest situated in the northern part of the city, right between four important boulevards.

This beautiful place exists in Bucharest from 1831 but it has only been recognized officially in 1878. In Piata Victoriei various important boulevards and streets intersect, such as the Lascar Catargiu Boulevard, Kieseleff, Ion Mihalache and Aviatorilor, all lovely places perfect for a short stroll.  Piata Victoriei is one of the best areas in Bucharest and offers everything a tourist needs in terms of history, entertainment and access to nature. You will also find a lot of cultural events such as fairs, concerts or various artistic events in this area so if you are interested in exploring Bucharest’s more artistic side, this is one of the important places to be.

Piata Victoriei

The buildings here can be admired by those who are interested in architecture and landscaping as they can find architecture in the old Romanian style as well as interesting communist monuments that have been preserved. Besides that, tourists will also find beautiful buildings from the last century that are now used as school, embassies, or public institutions. All these have a distinct architecture, some very unique in this part of Europe.

Important tourist landmarks

Make sure that you also take a stroll on the beautiful Kiseleff Boulevard. It’s known to be one of the places where people love to go on walks due to the fact that it is less populated; here you can admire beautiful landmarks such as The Museum of the Romanian Peasant. Other important places that you can visit nearby are the Cantacuzino Palace, the Revolution Square, Military Club and the National History Museum. Just a few minutes away from Piata Victoriei you can also admire the Victory palace and the Romanian Government building.

Among these landmarks, tourists should be particularly interested in the Museum of the Romanian Peasant especially if they are interested in the traditional culture. The museum offers a beautiful collection of art for those who want to dig a little deeper in Romanian culture. It’s also a great place for people who want to participate in Bucharest’s cultural life as it offers regular jazz concerts, fairs and other cultural events. Another place that might interest those interested in geology is the Geology Museum between Kiseleff and Aviatorilor Boulevard. The museum has an impressive collection and it’s a great detour for those who want to learn more about various rocks and minerals.


Since the area is one of the best in the city, it’s no wonder that some of Bucharest’s best restaurants are located here, so if you start getting hungry while strolling through this amazing area, don’t worry, there are a lot of great places to pick from.

If you are in the mood for pizza, check out Terra e Fuoco, one of the best pizza places in Bucharest. The restaurant is located on Street Ion Neculce, nr. 63, nearby Piata Victoriei.

OSHO Restaurant is a great way to try what they consider to be the best steak and fish in the city. The restaurant is a lovely way to spend a romantic evening as a couple or simply enjoy great food with your friends.

For those who are on a diet or simply eat vegetarian, Casa Satya is a great place to get nice vegetarian food while you are in Piata Victoriei. Just a short stroll away and you will be impressed by the beautiful garden and setting you will find here.

If you are looking for an entertaining pub to rest your feet while travelling through Bucharest, the Puzzle Cafe Bistro is another great place, right next to Piata Victoriei.

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