Delta Neajlovului

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Romania boasts some stunning natural landscapes and a series of activities which make exploring the country a fun and interesting activity. While the Danube Delta is one of Europe’s most unique landscapes, offering thousands of rare species of birds, fish or other animals, most people don’t really have to travel all the way to Dobrogea region in order to find these things.

Located a mere 30 km from Romania’s capital city Bucharest tourists will find a similar environment to that of the Danube Delta along with its own unique particularities. Called Delta Neajlovului or Balta Comana, this stunning piece of land offers as diverse a fauna and flora as the Danube Delta, with the added benefit that it is located a short drive away from Bucharest.

The delta is in fact part of a much larger natural reserve which stretches over 25,000 hectares of untouched land. The site also includes a huge forest with numerous roads and paths, ideal for exploring, as well as an interesting fauna. The edge of the forest also boasts some historic merits being the place where Wallachian ruler Vlad Tepes was killed in 1462. To find the exact spot where the ruler who started the Dracula myth was murdered you will have to look for the “Fantana cu nuc”, at the southern edge of the park’s forest. Historians also believe that Tepes’ body was buried a few kilometers away in the Comana Monastery which was created at the desire of Vlad Tepes just three short years before his death.

The Delta offers over 141 species of rare birds, making it the second largest in Europe in terms of diversity, being surpassed only by the Danube Delta. You can also take a relaxing walk on one of the numerous paths which have been perfectly marked and beautifully preserved through the Park’s forest.

If you’re in the mood for a picnic simply stop along the way. There are numerous splendid choices where you can have a tasty treat while admiring the beauty of the surrounding environment, be it by the lake, in the forest or in one of the many beautiful fields. The natural reserve also offers an adventure park where tourists in search of an adrenaline rush can climb on some of the difficult tracks or undergo numerous other fun experiences.

Make sure you also explore the surrounding villages who boast some stunning edifices which date back to the 14th and 15th century.

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