Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna Concert

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If you are lucky to be in Bucharest during the month of December, for sure you will be impressed by the transformation of the city. Apart from the special feeling that Romanians have towards winter holidays, you will be happy to see the city coming to life. The streets of the city are decorated with thousand of Christmas lights, the Christmas traditions of Romanians come to life and there are dozens of events that you can attend in the days before Christmas. If you don’t know what to choose, we have a recommendation for you that you can’t neglect.

This year, on 23 of December you can attend an incredible concert in Sala Palatului, one of the biggest locations that hold concerts and events from the city. The famous Schoebrunn Orchestra from Viena will impress the heart of anyone who is listening. Well known all over the world for their talented musicians and emotional show, this is a concert that you should not miss.

Although Bucharest is known as “the small Paris”, for sure you will feel like you are walking the historical streets of Vienna while listening to the orchestra. The concert that is being held every year in the Schoebrunn Palace in Vienna is gathering hundreds of people every time, and there is a waiting list for a few years to get tickets. That is yet another reason to take advantage of this occasion and spend the day before the Christmas Eve in a magical atmosphere.

Apart from the Orchestra itself, you will have the chance to see the talented director Guido Mancusi and the incredible soprano, Arkovska Milena. In total, a band of 25 people will open your journey in the world of classical music. No matter if you are passionate about this type of show or not, there’s no one who will not enjoy this powerful, yet delicate and subtle proof of the magic of music.

Why is the Orchestra so famous? They don’t only have an incredible talent, but they also have years and years of tradition in their past. Decades ago the noble people of Vienna were listening to the same songs, and now you have the chance to do it too. From classic Italian songs to modern European ones, there’s nothing they can’t bring to life.

The tickets are for sale already and they will be until they are sold out, and this means that you should hurry and get yours now. Sala Palatului room offers great acoustics as well as great places that will allow you to see the musicians, not only heart them.

Sarah Brightman Concert

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Sarah Brightman is one of the most famous sopranos of all times and a true sensation on stage. Its magnificent voice will amaze the Romanian audience on the 28th of November 2016 in Bucharest at “Sala Palatului”, starting 20:00, in a concert that is part of the artist’s newest production „Gala – An evening with Sarah Brightman”.

The tickets for this event are available for purchase at Sala Palatului, the National Theater Bucharest, the Humanitas, Adevarul, Carturesti libraries, at the Unirii 1 subway station, at Orange, Vodafone, Germanos, Domo, Diverta and Inmedio shops, as well as online on,,,,, and Depending on the desired category, the price of a ticket is 750 lei (VIP category), 500 lei (I st category), 350 lei (II nd category) and 300 lei (IIIrd category).

The soprano returns to Romania after offering a sold out concert in November 2014 at Sala Palatului Bucharest, where she left the public speechless with her amazing performance. „Gala – An evening with Sarah Brightman” will offer a classic crossover repertory and will include an exceptional guest of honor, the famous Greek tenor Mario Frangoulis, who will sing in Romania for the first time. Sarah Brightman and Mario Frangoulis will share incredible moments during their duets- “Phantom of the Opera”, „Canto De La Terra” and „Carpe Diem”. Also, Sarah Brightman will be accompanied by an orchestra composed of 50 musicians. The show will be directed by the notorious Anthony Van Laast.


Sarah Brightman is one of the most loved and appreciated sopranos of modern days and the pioneer of the genre classic crossover. The artist was the inspiration for the most famous musical ever created- “Phantom of the Opera”, signed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. She is also the only artist in history to be invited to sing at the ceremony of two different Olympic Games- at Barcelona in 1992 and at Beijing 16 years later. Furthermore, Sarah Brightman holds 180 Gold and Platinum records, totaling sales of over 30 million copies.

Accompanied by an orchestra of 50 musicians, Sarah Brightman will enchant the audience with its unique voice which goes over three octaves, with her magnetic presence, but also with a fantastic production. Fans will be delighted by both her classic hits which were launched across her amazing carrier as well as the songs on her most recent album “Dreamchaser” inspired by Brightman’s decision to become the first singer in outer space, as she intended to launch it on an orbital spaceflight mission to the International Space Station (ISS) in partnership with Space Adventures, Ltd., a private space experiences company.

Sarah Brightman oozes passion, creativity and the desire of exceeding her limits. The soprano has an incredible carrier, being the only artist that conquered simultaneously the Billboard Dance and Classic charts. She is one of the world’s titan artists that sold records in over 40 countries. The single “Time to Say Goodbye”, created with the tenor Andrea Bocelli was sold in over 12 million copies across the globe. The albums that followed after this hit went right to the top in all Billboard charts and were marked by memorable world tours.

So embrace your dreams and enrich them with everything that is beautiful and pure in the universe! Come to meet Sarah Brightman in a show of heavenly beauty! Take a seat among the stars! On 28th of November, 20:00 o’clock, at Sala Palatului Bucharest.

Best Bon Jovi Live Tribute

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bon jovi New Jersey band

Thursday, 17 September starting with 21:30, BestMusic Live Concerts invites you to Hard Rock Café to listen the greatest Bon Jovi hits brought to you by the Italian music band “New Jersey” in an amazing show called “Best Bon Jovi Live Tribute”. After the successful show that took place at the beginning of this year, the Italian artists return to Bucharest to once more bring together Bon Jovi fans at the Hard Rock Café.

Founded in 2007, the “New Jersey” music band is considered the world’s best tribute to Bon Jovi’s work. The tribute band has its origins in Italy and it is composed of professional musicians, whose declared mission is to bring in front of the audience the same orchestral arrangements as the original ones and the unique feel of a Bon Jovi show. In the prop of the “New Jersey” band you will always find the famous double guitar fingerboard which gives the unique sound to the iconic song “Wanted Dead or Alive”.

At every concert held at Hard Rock Café you have the opportunity of enjoying the reunion with true music legends, in a unique ambiance. Your favorite artists are right next to you, the collection of souvenirs brings you back among the most important pages of rock history and the quality of the sound offers the best live experience ever.

Tickets for the show “Best Bon Jovi Live Tribute” are available in electronic format on or in the partner stores such as Muzica Shop, Perfect Tour, Uman stores, V Generation, Say, IQ Box and also at the Hard Rock Café.

The tickets are available for purchase for the following prices:

  • 55 lei for the VIP places located in front of the stage. These are in a limited number of 80 tickets.
  • 39 lei for the places located at the tables from the hall, in the smoking or no smoking area.

There are available tickets without a seat as well. These cost 39 lei each. In the day of the event, the VIP tickets with seats in front of the stage will cost 60 lei and the ones with general access will cost 45 lei( smoking or no smoking).

Hard Rock Café Bucharest is located in the Herastrau Park on the Kiseleff Highway at number 32. This building is the preferred location for the best rock concerts in Bucharest, the place where fans meet to celebrate their favorite musicians, where tributes to rock legends are brought and where live music reaches unparalleled odds.

If you are one of the numerous fans of Bon Jovi and you are looking to take part in an unforgettable event sustained by the amazing Italian “New Jersey” band then don’t miss out on the “Best Bon Jovi Live Tribute” event, a concert that brings you the authentic vibe of the unique Bon Jovi shows.

BestMusic Live Concerts welcomes you at Hard Rock Café for an unforgettable night with the Italian band “New Jersey”! Be there on the 17th of September to sing together the famous Bed Of Roses”, “Living On A Prayer”, “Keep The Faith”, “Blaze Of Glory”, “Runaway”, “It’s My Life”, “Always” and many other Bon Jovi songs that took over the International music charts.

Korn Concert

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Metal fans will have a huge surprise on August 3, 2015 as Korn will be coming their second time in Romania. Its first appearance was at the Peninsula Festival in Targu Mures but in August the artists are expected in Bucharest. Thousands of devoted fans will be able to see their grand shows at Arenele Romane. Tickets have been put up for sale from February 10th and those interested can access for more information. There is a limited number of tickets with a special pre-sale price as well as an early entry category of tickets that allows fans to access the venue earlier. For those who don’t want to buy them online, there is the option of getting them from Diverta stores in the following period. Only two tickets are available, the ones mentioned before, The General Access – Early Entry Ticket with a price of 200 Lei and the General Acces Ticket on the field, with the price of 140 lei.

Korn was formed in 1993 in Bakersfield, California and since then it has become one of the most successful nu metal bands in the world with a career spanning over 20 years. Currently the band is formed of the following members: James Shaffer, Brian Welch, Jonathan Davis, Ray Luzier and Reginald Arvizu. The band released the first album in 1993 and next year their second album, Follow the Leader and Issues (1998 and 1999), both reaching number one of the Billboard 200. This improved the band’s popularity and its mainstream success continued the following years with albums likes: Untouchables, Take a Look in the Mirror and See You On The Other Side.

In 2000 and 2003 Korn won Grammy Awards for the Best Short Form Video and the Best Rock performance and two MTV Video Music Awards for the clip Freak on a Leash along with other numerous awards and nominations.

There has been some controversy relating the lyrics used by Korn as the media has often portrayed them to use indecent, vulgar and not appropriate for children. T-Shirts of the band were often the reason some children got suspended as they were banned from some schools. Other controversy regarding the band was due to the tensions between the band and Welch who left the group due to his drug usage. However, in 2013 Welch re-joined the band after playing together to a couple of festivals and fans will be able to see the entire crew on stage in August.

Jimmy Carr Show

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If you are looking to have while travelling to Bucharest, the Jimmy Carr show on June 3rd might be just what you need. The show takes place at Sala Palatului and will be part of the tour called Gagging Order. Those who will be attending the event will need to be there on 03 June 2015 at 20:00.

Jimmy Carr is known for his dry and sometimes dark humor but most importantly he makes the crowd laugh with his great edgy and controversial one-liners. The subjects that are often approached are politics, sex, gender differences, celebrities and various events. Besides being a comedian, Jimmy Carr is also an actor, writer and radio and TV presenter and started having success with his stand up gig in 2000. Since then, he appeared on a number of international shows and starting developing a fan base in Romania.

Jimmy Carr was born in an Irish Family in Hounslow London and became a small celebrity through various TV Shows such as Distraction or Your Face or Mine. The comedian started getting more media coverage and was invited to popular TV shows such as Top Gear or The Panel and, along with his dedication for comedy, his entertainment career took off pretty soon.

He appears frequently on popular shows such as Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comedy Central Specials or Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He also received numerous awards for the Best Stand Up and the Funniest Man from LAFTA as well as a Best On-Screen Newcomer from the Royal Television Society.

One of his projects involved becoming the first stand-up comedian to perform in the virtual reality game Second Life. He managed to perform a stand up show in the game on February 3 2007.

His 8 DVDs sold over 1.5 million copies and he had hundreds of international shows along with regular invites to radio shows; he has been called one of the most dedicated comedians due to the hard work he puts in his writings and the making of his shows.

Those interested to buy tickets can find them on the website, in Diverta stores and at Sala Palatului. There are several categories when it comes to pricing. Tickets in sectors E,F and G have a price of 100 Lei, tickets in sectors A3 and C have a price of 150 Lei, tickets in sectors I,II and A2 have a price of 200lei and the A1 sector tickets have a price of 250 Lei.

Dreamhack Bucharest

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One of the most popular tech events in the country, Dreamhack Bucharest has been hosted since 2012 and brings together professional gamers, amateur gamers and fans from around the world. The event has a massive media coverage being transmitted and translated in 3 languages. Those who love games, cosplay and technology will definitely want to come and spend three amazing days surrounded by similar minded people. The event is going to be held at Sala Polivalenta on April 24-26, 2015. This year the top games will be: Counter Strike:Global Offensive, DOTA 2, League of Legends, HearthStone, Minecraft and other new console games. So those who have been playing them for long can definitely try and compete with other skilled players. For 3 days, fans everywhere will be able to share their favorite games with an international crowd and compete for amazing prizes. The tournament is broadcasted online and on TV for those who want to see it live and has been drawing quite a crowd at previous events. The event has been registering record audience every time it has been broadcast and it actually holds the world record for the biggest digital festival in the world.

Even more, Dreamhack offers participants more than just video games and a lot of competitions. This year, tech lovers will get a chance to enjoy the numerous surprises that organizers have prepared for them. Dreamhack 2015 will also have a BYOC zone (Bring Your Own Computer) and Cosplay events and fans are welcome to participate and show off their costumes. There will also be a preview for the newest gadgets and technologies. Also, those coming to this event will be able to participate in a contest where they can win a plethora of digital items. For example, the original event which was held in Sweden was connected to over 17,000 systems. Its success spread rapidly in other countries and it soon became popular in the whole world with numerous events being held in several countries. The event in Bucharest had a record of 2.2 million viewers online and $120,000 worth of prizes. A few fun facts for last year’s Dreamhack: over 25,000 visitors, more than 2000 devices connected to Wi-Fi, more than 100 professional gamers from all over the world, amazing Cosplay events, and much, much more.

Besides all that, if participants are professional or even amateur gamers they can play against famous players from all over the world and win substantial prizes.

Chamber Music Festival

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The International Chamber Music Festival SoNoRo is programmed to take place between 31 October and 17 November 2014.

The festival will be held in two other locations besides Bucharest, one in Cluj and the other in Iasi. This edition offers a lot of surprises for those who are attending as the concerts are even more extravagant than the year before. Also, there are more artists and a lot of surprises for those who attend.


As each edition is inspired by a certain theme, this year’s edition will be inspired from the most popular bridges in the world. So you will be taken to bridges such as the Nevsky Bridge from Sankt Petersburg, Pont Neuf in Paris or the Brooklyn Bridge in America. Each of the bridges presented at the festival will have its own concert and the music will be inspired by the country of origin along with musicians that are natives there. Each of the concerts will allow those who attend to discover the country of each bridge and music and motifs specific to that particular country.

Besides the thematic concerts, attendants will have a wonderful surprise which will be presented by Andrei Tarkovski, the son of the famous director, Gipsy Night and the jazz pianist Francois Couturier and many others. Those who will attend will also meet Bruno Monsaingeon, the biggest music documentary director of the 20th century’s musical world.

Some of the musicians that perform at the International Chamber Music Festival are Vilde Frang, Boris Brovtsyn, Alexander Sitkovetsky or Daniel Rowland and among them fans will also meet Vladimir Mendelssohn or Nicolas Altstaedt for a total of 35 artists that will surely surprise the public with their great performance.

But the festival has even more to offer and the surprises keep coming as this edition will be organized outside Romania too. This edition will also have a concert in Viena at the well-known Mozart Hall with Mezzo-soprano Ruxandra Donose and Raro Ensemble. The show will consist in the most popular piece of Gabriel Faure and George Enescu, entertaining the Viennese music lovers with the music of these two geniuses.

You can easily buy tickets and passes for the entire festival at different stores in the Eventim network: Germanos, Orange, Vodafone, Domo, Carturesti Libraries, or Humanitas Libraries. Those interested in the music festival will be glad to hear that they are available with a discount if bought several days ahead.

Jack White Concert

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The Jack White Concert is a premiere in Romania and will be held at Romexpo on 9 November at 20:00. The member of White Stripes will perform for a limited number of fans so those who want to see him should hurry and get the remaining tickets. This is his first concert in Romania which will include a series of other countries and it’s organized by the Phoenix Entertainment. Those who want to still catch first-on-the-scene tickets should know that they are offered in a limited number of 1,000 and they can be bought through the Eventim Network. There are also two other types of tickets offered for the concert, the Golden Circle ticket and the VIP tickets which include seating. Those interested in buying tickets should know that the first 500 that are included in the Golden Circle category are offered with a discount.


Jack White is an American musician who was the front man of the band The White Stripes. This year he released his second solo album called Lazaretto and the tour is meant to promote his newest album. He is known to be one of the main artists who contributed to garage rock revival in the 2000s and he has won many Grammy Awards among other music awards with his career being spread over two decades.

The project that made him famous, the White Stripes, was formed along with his wife at the time, Meg White and started playing for the Michigan’s underground garage rock music scene and signed their first album together in 1998 to Italy Records. Their cult classic album The Stijl was extremely popular in 1999 and was the one that made them known.

He started his solo career and also collaborated with other musicians for different projects. Some of the artists he collaborated with are: Electric Six, Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Wanda Jackson and has worked with other important rock bands such as the Rolling Stones. His first single debut was launched in 2012 and was called Love Interruption on the album Blunderbuss. Lazaretto, the album he launched in 2014 and promoting in this concert was number one on Billboard 200 chart and broke the record for the largest sales week which was an important landmark in Jack White’s career.

You will be able to hear him live at his show which will be held in the Central Pavillion of Romexpo on Blvd. Marasti nr. 66-67.


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inter@FAȚA is a collective project created by Alexandru Berceanu that aims to show the audience another face of theater, investigative elements that are very specific to documentary theater. The show will be performed on 28 October, 19:30 at hall Stere Popescu at CNDB. Besides that the project aims to bring to public attention a variety of social issues such as cultural differences specific to ethnic communities in Romania. This includes a series of performances meant to show the contact between Roma ethnics and Jewish ethnics in the majority of Romanians. Another side of the project approaches a different perspective of Romania’s society related to the gay community and how it is viewed and accepted here.

Through of series of different interdisciplinary methods which allow the attendants and those who are working on the project to see how people react to differences, a sort of introspection seen from the outside, the project aims to raise awareness on different contemporary social issues Romania faces nowadays.

The extremely ambitious project will feature a live performance in which attendants are performers themselves as they are being observed, their emotions are being stirred and the result is the reflection of society’s views on the matters. The whole event will feature live music as well as a series of techniques specific to documentaries, especially documentary theater. One of the performers and a spectator will be EEG monitored as part of the whole ensemble to see whether the cultural differences provoke fear and aggression or they generate curiosity and intercultural changes. The premise of the show, and what its authors are aiming towards lies in the fact that differences and seeing differences is an adaptive mechanism in human beings but beyond that, adapting to the differences and cultural changes around you generates evolution.

inter@FATA is a creative experience both for the artists and the spectators and along with composer Catalin Cretu and choreographic support by Ana Costea it promises to not be just a cultural experience but also a personal experience that will allow for introspection and perhaps even a change of attitude where needed. Such a unique event should not be missed by those who are seeking alternative entertainment in Bucharest,

The project is sponsored by National Administration of Cultural Fund and is partner with a series of cultural institutions such as the National Centre of Dance in Bucharest, UNATC, Pro Casandra Association, UNMB, Colectiv A Cluj and many more as it offers its public the best performances in quality contemporary theater.

Lvmen est omen at Romanian Peasant’s Museum

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Throughout the months of July and August, you can visit at the Romanian Peasant’s Museum in Bucharest an interesting exhibition intriguingly called “Lvmen est omen”. The opening event took place on July 3rd and the exhibition is organized in close collaboration by a number of cultural Romanian and international institutions like Transylvania’s Ethnographic Museum from Cluj, Romanian Peasant’s Museum in Bucharest, Brukenthal National Museum from Sibiu,  Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilization from Deva, Research Institute of Eco-museum  from Tulcea, Astra Museum from Sibiu and the Museum of Art and History from Geneva. Before this exhibition will close its doors on August 31st, you can visit it from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10 AM and 6 PM in Foaier Hall of Romanian Peasant’s Museum.

Muzeului Naţional al Ţăranului Român

This exhibition is an interesting idea if you are looking for an educational yet fun activity for your kids’ summer vacation. Nevertheless, the exhibition is also appealing to adults willing to know more about the field of electricity and its evolution on the Romanian territory.

Organized in four sections, the exhibition allows visitors to discover the role that light holds in our everyday life, on its different aspects (religious, professional, and even festive). It’s a cultural event inviting to a deeper reflection on the symbolic value of this physical phenomenon, and on the social impact of artificial lighting.

The whole idea behind this exhibition is to illustrate the evolution of lighting on five continents through a selection of photographs and documents, dating from ancient times until the advent of electricity. You can admire there more than three hundred exhibits, including lamps, lanterns and chandeliers, all with an educative purpose, but keeping an eye on the aesthetic side as well as on the playful one.

Address: Soseaua Kiseleff 3

Tel: +40 213179660

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