Schools in Bucharest for Expats

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main building of international Bucharest school

Studying in Romania does not necessary mean that your kids have to learn Romanian.  Financially speaking, Romania is a cheap country to live in compared to other similar countries in Europe and that means that it is a great country to send your child to receive an education. Add the fact that in the Romanian capital, you can find some of the best English and French schools in the world.

Economic Reasoning

When it comes to the economic situation of Romania, it is worth noting that it is one of the cheapest countries in the European Union. Considering the low wages, with the average being somewhere around 400 euros a month, one can imagine that the cost of life is much lower in Romania than in other European countries, such as Spain or the United Kingdom. At the same time, while some food items may cost the same in Romania as in the rest of Europe, going out is much cheaper. From an economical point of view, Romania is the perfect destination for young people who want to study in a European country without having to save thousands of dollars to cover all expenses.


There are lots of schools in Bucharest where you can send your children to, that offer great programs. There are some that bear the sigil of famed educational institutions, where your child is bound to participate in programs that will enrich his knowledge in various subjects. Below are some examples of prestigious schools that exist in Bucharest and where you can send your child:

  1. Cambridge School Bucharest

Probably one of the most famous names when it comes to English educational institutions, the Cambridge School in Bucharest offers various programs for young people all over the world that are bound to support and encourage them to follow their dreams. The Cambridge School focuses on helping the students develop individual beliefs and not indoctrinate them into following ideologies or a specific set of beliefs. The school’s history goes back hundreds of years, therefore entrusting your child with them is one of the best decisions you can possibly make!

  1. American International School of Bucharest

While Cambridge is known to be a British educational institution, where the academics run things following the British rule, the American International School of Bucharest brings forth a new approach when it comes to academia. The school promotes social inclusion and international understanding, while at the same time focusing on the environment and it teaches the students how to think in an international context. If you want your child to learn how to think critically and how to adapt to an ever changing global society, this is the school for you.

  1. Lycée Français

The only school taught and supported by the French government in this list, Lycée Français is specialized in middle school and kindergarten levels of educations. Following the French educational model, this school focuses on exposing the children to many activities from which they can learn how to properly behave in life. The activities focus on the cognitive, sensory and social development of the child, while also improving self-esteem and guiding the child towards positive purposes in life. They also emphasize written and spoken French, grammar classes and reading classes which aim to bring the students close to the native level. Weekly ‘Councils’, as they are called, are meetings with the students which amount to more than 30+ hours a week, where the students are encouraged to state their own opinion regarding the courses and the teachers are able to follow up on how they are developing in order to see which areas require improvement and which need encouragement to move further.

  1. International School of Bucharest

Like most of the schools on this list, the International School of Bucharest is taught in English mainly and it focuses on the students’ role in a global context. Creativity is encouraged here and the teachers emphasize the importance of living peacefully in a complex and diverse global society. The school also takes security very seriously, having many policies that revolve around campus security and safety in the online environment.

  1. Mark Twain International School

The Mark Twain International School in Bucharest focuses primarily on the idea that every student is unique and has his or her own needs, which is why most of the programs are tailored individually to each student’s needs. Presenting an intercultural platform, the school focuses on teaching the students to value their own culture, while also respecting others’. The programs are taught in English, but combined with other cultural and language studies on international languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew and many others. The main mission of the school is to help all students understand that they are part of an international community and that although people are diverse in terms of culture, language, religion and others, all of us can live happily and without conflict.

Andrea Bocelli Concert in Bucharest

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Picture of singer Andrea Bocelli

One of the most popular singers in the world, Andrea Bocelli, is finally coming to Romania! The beloved Italian tenor, who lost his sight after a football accident, decided to organize two main concerts in the Romanian capital and in the second most important cultural city in the same country, Cluj. The concerts are part of Bocelli’s World Tour 2017, which focuses on the 20-year anniversary of his album ‘Romanza’. It will be launched in a special version following the concerts.

The concert will be divided into two parts. During the first part of his concert, Andrea Bocelli will sing famous opera songs with his own unique voice. The second part of the concert will focus on Bocelli’s most famous songs from his last albums, ‘Cinema’ and ‘Romanza’, the 20-year anniversary version.

The concert goers will see and listen to Andrea Bocelli singing some of the songs that made him famous, songs from famous musicals such as West Side Story, as well as songs from movies such as The Godfather, The Postman, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and many more. Most of the songs are part of the Romanza album, which is Bocelli’s most successful album of all time, having been sold in more copies than any other Italian album ever.

Bocelli’s World Tour 2017 takes place in 18 countries all around the world and in cities such as Miami, Oslo, Atlanta, Copenhagen, Budapest, Helsinki and many more. The concerts in Cluj and Bucharest have been advertised as concerts that bring people together. Andrea Bocelli’s songs, known for their sensibility and the emotional attachment each of them has, have the possibility to bring people together. His unique voice which cannot be matched by anyone in the world, combined with the fact that he is blind truly makes his concerts a blessing and an event that anyone must participate in.

The ‘Romanza’ album is by far Andrea Bocelli’s most popular album, containing famous songs such as Vivo Per Lei, Miserere, Vivere and of course, Romanza, the song that lends its name to the album. It was sold in 20 million copies worldwide, which makes it the most popular Italian album of all time. Together with ‘Romanza’, Andrea Bocelli has released 16 studio albums, generally one every two years. After gaining international attention, he began collaborating with famous names from the international pop scene such as Celine Dion and lately, Ariana Grande.

Andrea Bocelli’s singing style has been described by many opera connoisseurs as unique. Although there are plenty of tenors all around the world, his voice is much warmer and its beauty ‘touches the listener’, as the Puerto Rican soprano Ana Maria Martinez stated once about the man she often collaborates with. The great tenor Luciano Pavarotti, after hearing him sing, supported him and pushed him to record a song with a famous rock star, Zucchero, a song that would eventually catapult him to international fame. After this collaboration, his career began going up and it has not started ever since. He also has his own star on Los Angeles’ Hollywood Boulevard which he received in 2013.

The concerts that will be organized in Bucharest and Cluj aim to give the people an unforgettable experience. They will be able to listen to Andrea Bocelli’s greatest hits, together with new songs from his last two albums, which in itself is a great experience. However, this tour focuses on creating a magical atmosphere which, coupled with Bocelli’s stunning voice, will be worth every penny.

The concerts will also have special props that will enhance the experience of the audience. Bocelli will sing opera songs, as well as popular pop songs loved by millions, mixed with opera elements that made him famous. All in all, this will be a great experience. There are many discounts for the tickets offered by phone companies, particularly Telekom, who is a major sponsor of these concerts. Hurry up and get your own ticket! Losing this great opportunity is not worth anything in the world!

Date: 22 June 2017

Location: Piața Constituției, București

Rihanna’s First Romanian Concert

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It is going to be an unforgettable summer for Bucharest. Sources from the musical industry claim that on 14th of August Rihanna will sing at her first concert in Romania. At there’s more! The artist won’t be coming alone, but accompanied by a Grammy winner- The Weekend!

The best news of the year comes from the music industry. Romanians were waiting for a couple of years now for this event and now it will finally come true. Rihanna will end her European tour with a concerted that will be hosted in Bucharest. The show is scheduled for 14 August when she will light up the stage at the grand finale of her tour in Europe which is meant to promote her new album “Anti”. After her concert in Zurich that will be held on the 12 of August Rihanna will fly to Bucharest where she will spend an entire day resting and preparing for the big event. She will meet her fans on Sunday night where she will impress everyone with her amazing performance.

Various locations were considered, but in the end, it was decided that the concert will take place in the “Constitution Square”. It seems that this location is very popular among foreign artists since the pictures posted by Robbie Williams and Bon Jovi after their concerts in Romania circled the globe, becoming one of the most preferred sites for concert planners.

As we were saying earlier, there’s more! Rihanna doesn’t want to sing with local artists at the opening of her concerts. She wants a sure bet so she decided to opt for The Weekend, a singer that enjoys a great success these days. Recently, the artist has received a Grammy award for the soundtrack of “Fifty shades of Grey” and it is always present in the most important top 10s. The Weekend will walk on the stage from “Constitution Square” at 20:00 o’clock and he will prepare the Romanian audience for an incredible concert.

The show will exceed all expectations, the décor will be unforgettable and the number of dancers will be over a couple dozens. The Barabados artist is famed for her unconventional appearances, hot choreography, provocative attitude and unique shows so this Romanian concert will surely be one of the most anticipated events ever.

In the meanwhile, Rihanna sets new records with her recent song “Work”. The controversial music video is one of the main factors of its success, the song being already number one in International tops. There are two versions of this video and both are equally explicit.

In august, before the concert in Romania, the 28 years old artist will sing in Sweden, Poland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This extensive European tour promotes her new album “Anti”. Until now, Rihanna has launched 8 studio albums that were sold in over 150 million copies worldwide. Her flaming career brought her 8 Grammy prizes as well.

The wait is over. Rihanna’s concert is a sure thing. The extremely popular artist will be on the 14th August in Bucharest to perform for us in the “Constitution Square”. This is one of the greatest events of 2016, a music recital that will make this summer truly unforgettable.

Maroon 5 in Coming to Bucharest

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The Californian band, Maroon 5 will sing for the first time in Romania on the 5th of June 2016. Adam Levine and its band will perform for their Romanian fans in the very popular “Constitution Square” from Bucharest. The much anticipated event will be hosted by Marcel Avram, East European Production and D&D East Entertainment. It is a project that was planned for a couple of years now as a response for the millions of fans who were looking forward for the chance to meet their music icons.

As expected, concert tickets to the Maroon 5 show don’t come cheap. There are several types of tickets available depending on the stage proximity. The Diamond Circle tickets cost 572,40 RON, Golden Circle tickets are 464,40 RON and Normal Circle/General Access are 194,40 RON. There were also 5000 General Access Early Bird tickets that were available at the promotional price of 151,20 RON. These were completely sold in less than 10 minutes after becoming available online.

Maroon 5 is promoting its 5th studio album called “V”. Launched in 2014, the disc was number one in the U.S. Billboard 200 charts. The band’s Bucharest concert is actually part of the “Maroon V Tour” started in February 2015 in the US.

Until now the “V” album was promoted through 5 singles: “Maps” and “Animals” in 2014, “Sugar”, This Summer’s Gonna Hurt like a Motherfucker” and “Feelings” in 2015. The songs were recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Max Martin, Benny Blanco, Ryan Tedder from Onerepublic, Shellback and Sam Martin. The band worked for about a year at the album, and it is the result of the hard work of old crew members like Adam Levine, James Valentine, Mickey Madden, Matt Flynn, PJ Morton, and of the keyboardist Jesse Carmichael who took a break during the recording of the “Overexposed” material.

The band debuted in 1994 and its initial name was Kara’s Flowers. Only in 2001 the crew members felt that a name change was much needed. So when the guitar player James Valentine joined the band, they opted for “Maroon 5”. Since them, the members remained the same except the break took by Carmichael. The crew members are Adam Levine (voice and guitar), Jesse Carmichael (keyboards, synthesizers, guitar and backing vocals), Mickey Madden (bass), James Valentine (guitar, backing vocals), Matt Flynn (drums) and PJ Morton (keyboards and backing vocals).

According to Billboard, Maroon 5 occupies the 44th place in the list “Greatest of All Time Hot 100 Artists”. Some of the most famous songs launched by Maroon 5 are “She Will Be Loved”, “This Love”, “Payphone”, “Moves Like Jagger”, “One More Night”, “Misery”, “Won’t Go Home Without You”, “Sunday Morning” and “Animals”. Also, the debut single from the album “V” is called Maps and it set the record for the best start of a band in Top 40 from the last 18 years and it entered Top 100 in over 18 countries.

Maroon 5’s Bucharest concert is one of the most exciting events of 2016. It is a musical event that will gather a large crowd of fans who have been following the band’s evolution and amazing success throughout the years.

Bucharest Leads In New Building Authorization

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The real estate market in Romania and especially that in its capital city, Bucharest, has registered impressive growth in the last year with expectations for 2015 being quite high. After a period of seemingly endless stagnation with little to no reason for optimism, it seems that the real estate market registered a much needed growth in 2014. While there are numerous reasons behind the growth, some of the most important are the reduced price for basic materials, the abundance of qualified and unqualified labor as well as the easier to obtain funding and state run projects that aimed to encourage young home ownership and the market in general.

Spring 2015 has also led to more growth with March showing a rise in the number of construction papers released by state authorities with a total of 3.253 being released according to the INS (National Statistics Institute). Of these 3.253 authorizations 62.3 percent were released for rural housing, marking a clear trend that shows crowded city dwellers are retiring and moving to the less polluted, less dense rural part of the country. According to the INS, growth has been registered in all regions with the most significant being in the capital city, Bucharest.

Growth in Bucharest and Ilfov County is marked by an extra 238 released authorizations. The second development region in Romania according to INS data was North-East with an extra 144 authorizations while the Center Region registered a growth of 134 build authorizations. Sud-Muntenia Region had an extra 124 authorizations while the North West Region had a growth of 120 authorizations.

Residential building authorization has also registered impressive growth with the richest regions in the country having the most new projects. Bucharest and Ilfov County lead again with an extra 90 residential building authorizations followed by North East with an extra 53 authorizations, North West with 40 authorizations and South East with an extra 3 authorizations. Decreases were registered in the South West Region with 56 fewer authorizations, South Muntenia Region with 21 fewer authorizations and the Center Region with 9 fewer authorizations according to data from the INS.

Requests for authorizations have also grown in the first quarter of 2015 with 7.176 new documents being found, marking a 3 percent rise from the first quarter of 2014. Growth was seen for Bucuresti Ilfov with an extra 152 authorizations, North West with an extra 114 authorizations, North East with an extra 99 authorizations, South East with an extra 83 authorizations as well as South Muntenia with an extra 32 authorizations.

Lvmen est omen at Romanian Peasant’s Museum

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Throughout the months of July and August, you can visit at the Romanian Peasant’s Museum in Bucharest an interesting exhibition intriguingly called “Lvmen est omen”. The opening event took place on July 3rd and the exhibition is organized in close collaboration by a number of cultural Romanian and international institutions like Transylvania’s Ethnographic Museum from Cluj, Romanian Peasant’s Museum in Bucharest, Brukenthal National Museum from Sibiu,  Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilization from Deva, Research Institute of Eco-museum  from Tulcea, Astra Museum from Sibiu and the Museum of Art and History from Geneva. Before this exhibition will close its doors on August 31st, you can visit it from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10 AM and 6 PM in Foaier Hall of Romanian Peasant’s Museum.

Muzeului Naţional al Ţăranului Român

This exhibition is an interesting idea if you are looking for an educational yet fun activity for your kids’ summer vacation. Nevertheless, the exhibition is also appealing to adults willing to know more about the field of electricity and its evolution on the Romanian territory.

Organized in four sections, the exhibition allows visitors to discover the role that light holds in our everyday life, on its different aspects (religious, professional, and even festive). It’s a cultural event inviting to a deeper reflection on the symbolic value of this physical phenomenon, and on the social impact of artificial lighting.

The whole idea behind this exhibition is to illustrate the evolution of lighting on five continents through a selection of photographs and documents, dating from ancient times until the advent of electricity. You can admire there more than three hundred exhibits, including lamps, lanterns and chandeliers, all with an educative purpose, but keeping an eye on the aesthetic side as well as on the playful one.

Address: Soseaua Kiseleff 3

Tel: +40 213179660

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